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There's Not Much We Won't, Don't or Can't Do!

Appliance Removal

We know that old appliances like big, heavy freezers or refrigerators can be a pain in the neck to try an move around let alone try to load it and take it to the recycler yourself. Whether it be an old fridge, freezer, stove, oven, washer, dryer, dishwasher microwave or some other type of heavy appliance, Ace can get the job done fast, easy and a price that will make you happy to say goodbye to that old, broken friend.

Furniture Removal

Are you finally ready to get rid of that old sofa, arm chair or love seat? Maybe the cats got the best of them and shredded them to smitherenes? Has your old, lumpy mattress een its better days? We take it all away and give you your space – and your sanity back! It could be a dresser, night stand, couch, chair love seat, bed frame, carpet or remnants, book shelf, garage or kitchen cabinets, kitchen table, coffee table, armoir, ikea furniture, bedroom furniture, kids furniture, file cabinet, desk, office chair, chaise, patio furniture, bar, barbecue, (aka BBQ or barbeque) – the list goes on and on but we think you get the idea! One call makes it all go away. Let Ace do the heavy lifting for you!

TV or Electronics Removal

It’s hard to imagine how many tube televisions are still out there. What’s worse is they’re even harder to get rid of becuase even if they work great no one want to buy them! It’s ok we understand your old friend should go to a good home. That’s why we are required to recycle TV’s, plasma, led or lcd flat screen and projection televisions and other electronics such as a printer, copier or copy machine, vcr video cassette recorder, dvd player, stereo, computer, laptop, video camera or camcorder. Ace is environmentally responsible and we separate and recycle as much material as we can to keep it from going into the landfill.

Spa/Hot Tub Removal

It’s been a moldy, broken cesspool that has been an eye sore in the corner of your backyard or patio for years and you just want it gone. Or maybe you’ve upgraded to a new hot tub or jacuzzi and you want the old one out. Whatever your situation we can get in and get it gone fast.

Yard Clean Up

If you’re a landlord we’re sure you’ve had your fair share of tenants who’ve left behind some kind of junk. We’re here to help get it cleaned up fast and out of the way so you can get your rental back on the market and making you money. We respond to your needs quickly and at a price that keeps you profitable on your real estate investment.

Foreclosure Clean Up

Bank foreclosures, REO’s, default mortgage – whatever the scenario the house was left in shambles and with trash, rubbish, junk and damage everywhere. We’ll come in and give you the clean slate you need to prepare the home for resale.

Commercial Clean Up

Many times a tenant in an office, retail store, restaurant, industrial complex, flex space or even land lease tenants will leave behind a ton of refuse, trash and junk for the landlord to deal with. We make it easy and affordable for you to get that mess cleaned up so you can make your commercial property available for lease quickly and keep your investment working for you.

Public Storage Space Clean Out

You own or run a public storage facility and you have a unit that someone has decided to leave the junk behind. Maybe a unit didn’t sell at auction and needs to be cleared out? It happens all the time and we know that your profits are based on number of units rented at any given time. You need a high occupancy rate and that unit sitting idle because it is full of someone elses junk is not doing you any good. We can respond typically same or next day so you can get your unit rented sooner.

Hoarding Clean Up

You’ve seen the show, the news or maybe you’ve experienced it yourself with a friend, neighbor or relative. It’s not pretty and its amazing how much stuff will fit under one roof! We come in and get rid of it all – all the way down to the floor boards and studs if necessary.

Construction Site Clean Up

You’re a contractor and you have better things to do with your time and money than spend it on skilled labor cleaning up sites and hauling away the debris yourself. Let us do the dirty work and get your site cleared so the real work can begin. We haul wood, lumber, plywood, sheetrock, carpet, linoleum, siding, windows, bath tubs, tile, cabinets, doors, brick, rock, concrete, dirt, asphalt, roofing, insulation, water heaters, a/c units, heaters, pool equipment – you name it we’ll get rid of it!

Warehouse Clean Up

Evicted a tenant and they left behind a huge mess as a thank you? We’ll take care of the clean up and get the warehouse back into shape so you can get it back on the market sooner.

Estate Removal/Clean Up

Have a family member pass away? Maybe the home is in probate and the house must be cleaned up and cleared out to be put on the market? We’ve done jobs where the family was simply over burdened with too much stuff. They took what they wanted and had no time for a yard or garage sale and didn’t feel what was left was worth selling anyway. We can take away all the unwanted junk and leftovers so you can prepare to sell the home.

Carpet Removal

There are two options with our carpet removal service. First option is we do the complete removal from the home including tack strips if you desire and haul it away. The second is either the homeowner or contractor has done the removal themselves and just needs it hauled away. Either way we’re the right partner for your project.

Tile Removal/Demolition

We do not currently do tile or floor removal.

Engineered or Laminate Floor Removal/Demolition

We do not currently do tile or floor removal.

Linoleum/Vinyl Floor Removal/Demolition

We do not currently do tile or floor removal.

Kitchen Demolition

In a typical kitchen we knock out the cabinets, counter tops and island. We remove the sink and appliances such as the oven, stove and refrigerator. When we’re done you have a clean slate to let your contractor do what they do best – build you a beautiful kitchen.

Bathroom Demolition

Vanity, shower stall, mirror, tub, shower or tub door, cabinet, countertop, toilet. All gone. We demo it and haul it away in less than a day.

Shed Demolition/Removal

Who knows what’s living in or under that old shed of yours. Everyone’s had to deal with an old, rotting or broken shed at some point and its time to get rid of it and clear that space for a new shed or maybe expand your yard. Whatever your reason we can get it done. We’re not afraid of the critters that might be lurking around!

Swing Set, Kid's Play Demolition/Removal

The kids are grown and it’s time your yard grew up too. Empty nesters or parents with teens you want your yard back and you want to be all grown up too. Done! Swings, swingsets, play sets, play structures, play house, fort, tree house, playground equipment or trampoline – it’s all kids stuff. We’re in, we’re out and you’ve got that part of your yard back.

Wood Deck Demolition/Removal

Wood rot, sun damaged, decay, termites, fungus. It’s all dangerous when it’s your deck. We’ve demo’d some seriously scary decks and we’d hate for you to go one more day choosing each step as you try to navigate the maze of solid versus rotting wood risking a broken leg, foot or ankle. Don’t wait another day and let our team come in and remove the risk.

Wood Fence Demolition/Removal

Last storm get the best of your fence? Maybe the whole thing blew down or just a couple sections? You probably plan to replace the whole length and we can demo and remove as much fencing you need to get the new fence built. Rain or shine we’ll come and take care of the damage and old fencing and haul it all away.

Awning/Overhang Demolition/Removal

Whether its wood, steel or aluminum, it’s sagging, crooked, falling over or out of date. You want it gone. We can make that happen. Gazebo, pergola, overhang, awning, trellis – no matter what you call it we can demo and remove it.

Concrete Demolition/Removal

We do not currently do concrete removal.

Above Ground Pool Demolition/Removal

Some people call it a doughboy, others an above ground pool. Whether it’s square, rectangle, round or oval you might call it a pond or a mosquito breeding ground. Love the sound of frogs at night but not when its coming from your pool? You’ll sleep better at night knowing that its gone (and with less frog noise too).

Don't See It On Our List?

We know every homeowner, landlord, business owner, contractor or real estate professional have unique needs and its hard to cover them all. We hope that you’ve got a pretty good idea of what we’re capable of and that no job is too big or too small for our professional, experienced crew. If you want to discuss your needs in more detail feel free to call Ace Hauling & Demolition at (916) 879-7278.

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